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Directory of NAMASTA services

I need to protect myself (liability insurance, legal, business, health)
I need resources for my teaching activities or facility
I need to earn more money
I need to reduce my costs
I need financing
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What you will find in this section

In the spirit of serving the community, NAMASTA offers cost-effective services that are accessible without NAMASTA membership - in many cases NAMASTA members get a preferred rate.

For your convenience, these services are classified below based on needs or categories, and you can also access them with the drop-down menu above.

Information on membership benefits such as access to liability insurance is also provided for your reference.

Remember NAMASTA gives a portion of the earnings back to wellness research based on your purchases!

I need to protect myself
(liability insurance, legal, business, medical)

Liability insurance

Legal Services

Business Protection

Medical Protection

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I need resources for my practice or facility




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I need to earn more money

Get advice, tips or consulting assistance

Promote your business effectively

Sell additional services

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I need to reduce my costs

NAMASTA has identified cost-effective vendors and in many cases has obtained special rates for its members.

- Write a solid business plan for your activity, whether you are starting out or have an existing business.
- Stop using an amateur or costly webmaster and get a customized professional website (customized) that you can update yourself (only $69 an hour, members pay $59 an hour) or a website package (only $39.99 a month)
- Stop losing customers and start communicating effectively with your clients with a low cost professional newsletter publishing service (2 months free)
- Cut your legal bills with assistance on your lease, contracts, waiver of liability, etc... from $79.99 per year.
- Sell merchandise without upfront cost or inventory costs
- Get free business cards and low-cost printing

- Get bargains and special offers on computers, office products and office furniture
- Get a no-fee, cash back Platinum credit card for your business activity and track your business expenses
- Competitive prices on your credit card merchant account

- Buy discounted on books and tapes on how to start and run your own activity
- Get discounted books for Yoga, Pilates and T'ai Chi professionals

- Lower your long distance costs for US and international calls and also choose a better wireless plan (US)

- Use discounted health services for members (information)
- Get dental insurance from $79/year (US)
- Get competitive competitive health insurance for yourself, your family or your small business.
- Buy your own vitamins and supplements at wholesale prices

- Sign up for the free NAMASTA newsletter
- Join NAMASTA and access the many exclusive discounts available to NAMASTA members.

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I need financing

Access federal funding for your business (United States)

Write a business plan to solicit a bank loan or investor financing.

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We have identified tools and services which can help you publicize your activities, keep your existing students and generate more revenue.
You can use a cost-effective newsletter and e-mail marketing solution which offers a free 2-month trial, sell your own merchandise (T-shirts, mugs, ...) at a profit without carrying inventory, get free business cards and address labels for your activity and use a specialized software package to publicize your activity and events with press releases.

To help with your massage, tai chi, pilates or yoga business, NAMASTA has selected providers for computers and electronics backed with a price guarantee, office supplies and furniture, cost effective website development services (customized, or packaged), the reference book on how to build a successful bodywork practice if you are a massage therapist, reiki master or shiatsu practitioner
low-cost legal services, relevant business books, an efficient solution to access to federal grants and loans and set up credit card merchant account with low transaction fees, high-security business checks and we are also making available useful anti-fraud guidelines.
Details of Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Qigong liability insurance programs and the alternative health care benefit available via NAMASTA are given here for reference; you can access those programs upon becoming a NAMASTA member.

- the NAMASTA mind-body newsstand with around 40 publications covering yoga, tai chi, mind-body, organic living and vegetarian magazines;
- the NAMASTA bookstore for books on yoga, pilates, tai chi and a selection of books on anatomy for mind-body professionals.
- the NAMASTA CD selection for yoga, tai chi, pilates and meditation music.
- A selection of pilates, yoga and tai chi supplies - be aware that the majority of discounts available on equipment is to be found in the members section.

- The least expensive long distance plan identified by NAMASTA, very useful for anyone from the light user to the retreat organizer, and for private as well as personal use.(US residents only). NAMASTA also provides a cost-saving resource for those of us who make international calls from a cellphone.
- Low cost dental insurance and low-cost health insurance available via comparison engines (US only).
- Vitamins at wholesale prices.

You can also use the drop down menu above.
Click on this link if you want to submit a topic for the NAMASTA newsletter.

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